Popcorn for the People

Popcorn for the People™ is the unique handcrafted brand of popcorn created exclusively by Let’s Work for Good at the Pop In Cafe in East Brunswick, NJ.  

Popcorn for the People™ represents a revolutionary new brand of popcorn that incorporates the inspirations of workers on the Autism Spectrum with the talents of culinary professionals. This marriage of talents has cooked up incredible new flavors ranging from an Oreo cookie based Cookies & Cream popcorn to a health conscience spicy Buffalo Wing. Popcorn for the People™- consists of a variety of classic popcorn and artisanal popcorn flavors. The popcorn is handmade with non-GMO products and most are gluten free. 

Popcorn For the People is produced by disabled workers, many of whom are on the Autism Spectrum. Adults with disabilities are involved in all aspects of the popcorn production as well as labeling, packaging, shipping work and on-line retail operations.100% of profits s go to the 501C3 charity Let’s Work For Good.